Journal History

Journal of Nursing Education and Practice (JNEP) Volume 1 commenced in 2021, precisely 2 years ago. The establishment of this journal was initiated by CV Alkahf Digital Inovasi, specializing in education and research, particularly in the healthcare sector. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice (JNEP) aims to enhance research publication and scholarly output within the academic community of nurses in developing countries.

The online ISSN for the Journal of Nursing Education and Practice (JNEP) was subsequently obtained, with 2798-9496 (Online - Electronic) based on Decision no. 0005.27989496/K.4/SK.ISSN/2021.08, and ISSN Number: 2798-9623 (Print) based on Decision no. 0005.27989623/K.4/SK.ISSN/2021.08. The journal's ISSN can be accessed through ROAD. In our inaugural publication, we did not implement citation hyperlinks; however, starting with Vol.2 No.3 in 2022, we began incorporating citation hyperlinks in each issue to facilitate readers in tracing the references used by researchers.

Furthermore, in all our publications, we have paid attention to specific DOIs for each issue, including the submission-to-publish history, as a unique identifier for each published article. We plan to broaden our impact by attempting to register with reputable international and national indexers to ensure a more widespread influence globally.