• Journal of Public Health Education

    Journal of Public Health Education (JPHE) is a scientific journal published by MPI Press since August 2021. JPHE accepts scientific papers in the form of research reports (original research papers), sistematic review, and case study with a focus on the development of public health problems in Indonesia, including the developments and main problems in the field of Health Promotion; Occupational Health, and Safety; Epidemiology; Environmental Health; Health Administration and Policy; Biostatistics; Reproductive Health; Hospital Management; Nutrition Science; Health Information Systems in Regional of Indonesia. JPHE also receives scientific contributions from outside the Indonesian Region as long as it is related to public health and has a comparison with the State of Indonesia.

    Articles published in JPHE go through a double-blind peer-review process. Therefore, the decision to accept scientific articles is in the right of the Editorial Board based on peer reviewer's recommendations.